Learn about the history of the pharaohs first-hand, stroll through their temples, tombs, markets and enjoy a river cruise in the purest Egyptian style.

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Explicación del viaje

Day 1.- Spain | Cairo
Departure by direct flight to Cairo.
Arrival, transfer to the selected hotel and accommodation in the chosen regime.

Day 2.- Cairo
Breakfast at the hotel.
In the morning, visit the Necropolis of Giza with the famous Pyramids of Quefren, Menkaure and Queops, the Sphinx and the Lower Temple.
Free trade with the possibility of visiting the Saqqara necropolis (optional).

Day 3.- Cairo
Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the largest collection of pharaonic pieces in the world.
Continuation to the Islamic and Christian Cairo in the Saladin Citadel with the Mohamed Alli or "alabaster" mosque and panoramic view of the Coptic Quarter.

Day 4.- Cairo | Luxor
Full board.
Departure by flight to Luxor.
Depending on the arrival time, the visit to the Temple of Karnak and Luxor will take place, if it cannot be done, it will be done the next day.

Day 5.- Luxor | Esna | Edfu
Full board.
Departure to the western bank of the Nile to visit the Valley of the Kings (including three tombs, not that of Tutankhamun), the Deir el Bahari or Hatshepsut Temple, and the Colossi of Memnon or the Temple of Amenophis III.
Return by boat and start of the navigation to Esna.
Afternoon to enjoy the landscape.

Day 6.- Edfu | Kom Ombo | Aswan
Full board.
In the morning, visit the Temple of Edfu dedicated to the god Horus and the best preserved in Egypt.
Return by boat and continuation of the navigation to Kom Ombo.
In the afternoon, visit the Temple dedicated to the god Sobek, the crocodile in Kom Ombo.
Navigation to Aswan.

Day 7.- Aswan | Abu Simbel | Aswan
Full board.
Morning dedicated to the excursion by car to the Temples of Abu Simbel erected by Ramses II and located at the foot of Lake Nasser.
In the afternoon, visit the Temple of Isis, formerly located on the Isle of Rows and the Pink Granite Quarry and the unfinished oblisk.
Rest of the afternoon / evening free to stroll through one of the most important markets on the spice route, the Aswan Souk.

Day 8.- Aswan | Cairo | Spain
Departure by direct flight to Spain, via Cairo.


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